Reasons to have me as your Photographer

embark on a beautiful adventure

1. I live to see people happy and to capture their most precious moments in life. It truly brings me joy.

2. When I photograph you I will always ensure you are confident in yourself and can capture the real you.

3. Having me be a part of your special moment makes me feel truly special.

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Huntsville, AL, or anywhere locally

Whether it’s high in the mountains, on a beach near the ocean, or in a forest meadow - you deserve to get the perfect session however you want to. I’ll be sure to help you plan and save those beautiful memories for the family and kids. Check out some of my favorite client stories from previous sessions.

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."

Ralph Waldo Emerson
About your photographer

Welcome friend, my name is Gabrielle

My name is Gabrielle but I also go by Gabby. I am the mom of my cat Luna and my dog Hazel. I graduated from The University of South Alabama with a bachelor's degree in speech and hearing science. I will then pursue my doctoral degree in Audiology.

I love taking pictures of couples and seniors. I am a big dog and cat person so I would love to take some pictures of your fur babies anytime. I love meeting new people and making new friends. My goal one day is to shoot for a wedding.

more about me

I. Are the travel expenses included in your packages or covered additionally?

If it is more than an hour from Huntsville then yes I do charge for travel.

II. What if we want something different from the other sessions you offer?

I will gladly get in contact with you to discuss pricing and location to set up your session.

III. We want to include our dog into the photos, is that okay?

Yes, any animals are welcome to the session. Please let me know what treats or toys they like so I can capture the best moment with you and your fur babies.

IV. How long does it take to receive the photos?

Give me two weeks to fully complete editing and give the photos.

V. How many photos will I receive?

I don't believe in giving a minimum or maximum amount. I will give you the full gallery.

VI. How will I receive my photos?

I will either send you an e-mail or text message with a link to download your pictures with a download pin as well. This will give you the option to download it on your phone or computer. If you have any trouble with this then I can also find another method to send you your pictures.